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Women's Rights Are Human Rights!

Head's Up!
Collaborators: Shannon Vandenbush and Ruth Biggs

Head's Up!

Our collaborators,

Shannon Vandenbush, Ruth Biggs


Here is a link to the National Womens March website - check it out!

Coastal Unity has produced two Podcasts!

Check them out on our Facebook Page!

We also wanted to provide you with some links to some very current issues that again will define

Women's Rights are Human Rights!

This link will take you to some news on how the Immigration & Customs Enforcement office is wanting to destroy records that have to do with sexual abuse of women while in detention.

On January 21, 2017 our small beach community came together
in an amazing show of UNITY!
With over 140 people from across our region gathering together on a cold and slightly rainy Saturday, we celebrated diversity, welcomed our neighbors,
friends and acquaintances and re-affirmed our common values:
love of community,
compassion for every human being and a
recognition that human rights are women's rights!
We also recognized that we have many of the same goals ---
 a sustainable environment,
strong families,
demonstrating kindness,
expanding our understanding of other's ideas and concerns
and our desire to make our world a little more perfect. 
Like thousands of other people on that Saturday, we  marched ----
not to be seen, but to better see ourselves
and to better see the changes we need to make so that we can become more inclusive, more accepting,  more understanding of our global world around us.

Joel Osteen


With over 246 collaborators in our group we begin a journey to advance social and cultural change for Human Rights/Women's Rights

through peaceful action! 

Join us!

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